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Floral Needlepoint for Beginners is a classic needlepoint guide with tons of project ideas, each with their own step-by-step how-to so you can complete them perfectly every time. The ideas are geared toward beginner needlepointers, so you’ll never feel out of your comfort zone as long as you’re following the book’s instructions. All of the illustrations are in full color, so you can visualize exactly what you’re supposed to do. Just because the designs are simple and for novice needlepointers, it doesn’t mean you’re going to create bland projects when you use this book. Each design is unique and beautiful, and you’ll be proud to have them in your home or give them as gifts to friends.


One downfall of this book is that the designs are all floral. Once you’ve learned the skills needed for these projects and have created all of the ones you like, you may want to branch out to a more difficult and diverse needlepoint book. As far as beginning instruction books go, you won’t be disappointed.

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