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If you prefer to stand up to trim grass, try the Fiskars 9210 Long-Handled Swivel Grass Shears. This tool has a 36″ handle that allows easy access for any hard to reach area you’ve been avoiding. The cutting head can rotate 180-degrees to allow you maximum precision. There is no need to be concerned with transporting these shears. A lock is located on the blades to prevent any mishaps from occurring. Fiskars went all out and placed 5″ blades on these shears, quite large for this type of tool. The blades are made of hardened carbon steel and should last a long time.

Because this tool is not battery operated, some might find their hands tire out more quickly. While this product does have a long handle to allow the user to stand while operating the shears, the handle is still a little too short for some people and they may still have to bend down a bit to use them.




  • It has a long handle to allow you to stand.
  • It has a rotating cutting head.

  • Requires man-power, which some might find tiresome.
  • Long handle may be too short for some people to stand fully upright.


  • Ideal for hard-to-reach trimming needs
  • 36-inch overall length
  • 5-inch precision ground, hardened carbon steel blades
  • Cutting head rotates 360-degrees for precise trimming
  • Blades lock closed for safe transportation and storage

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