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The Fiskars 9668 Long Handle Digging Shovel is a shovel made for serious lawn and garden work on a moderate budget. It features an oversized step that is comfortable for your foot, so you can use your leg muscles more than your arm muscles while digging. The blade is pre-sharpened and cuts through even the toughest ground with ease. You’ll never have to worry about durability with this shovel, because the blade is actually welded to the shaft and will certainly never fall off. The steel is powder-coated, so you never need to worry about this shovel rusting, even if you use it in the snow. This is one of the most comfortable and most durable shovels on the market, and you’ll love the tear-drop handle that makes for an easy grip and takes a lot of the pressure off your hand when digging.

Complaints about this shovel are few and far between, but if you’re interested in a digging shovel for emergency use in your car, camping or climbing, this is way too big and is not the type you’re looking for.




  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Sharp
  • Comfortable on hands
  • Oversized step for leg use

  • Too large for emergency/camping use


  • Oversized step provides a secure and comfortable platform for your foot, allowing you to use your stronger leg muscles
  • Pre-sharpened blade cuts through the ground easier
  • Teardrop-shaped handle is easier to grip and reduces hand fatigue
  • Shovel blade is welded to the shaft for additional strength
  • Powder-coated steel prevents rust and is easy to clean

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