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Runner Up: Best Manual Weeder

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The Fiskars 7060 Softouch Weeder is the handheld version of their more popular stand-up weeders. While it may be small, and you do have to bend over to use it, it will last you a lifetime and will never rust, bend or break. It’s been tried and tested, and is probably the most reliable weeder on the market. The “Softouch” grip is cushioned to prevent soreness and blisters on your hands while you work in the garden. While it may not have the luxurious of more expensive weeders, this one is extremely easy to use and pulls weeds out without much effort from you. The head is shaped for better leverage and easy entry into the ground, and the forked tip grabs weeds, so they’re gone for good.

If you have arthritis trouble or back problems, this isn’t the weeder for you. You do still need to bend over to use it, but if you do a lot of planting in your garden, and you’re on your knees a lot anyway, you won’t be disappointed.




  • Softouch grip
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Great leverage

  • Have to bend to use


  • One piece, high strength cast aluminum alloy
  • Softouch cushioned grip
  • Will not rust, bend or break
  • Forked tip and design curvature allow exposure to weeds in deep soil
  • Lifetime warranty

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