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Runner Up: Best Pull Buoy

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The Finis Pull Buoy is another foam pull buoy made to last through years of vigorous swim workouts. It’s made from a durable foam that isn’t coated with plastics, so it stays put between your legs. Like the Speedo buoy, it comes in a size for juniors and one for adults. The junior size is supposed to be for children 12 years old and under, but most women and small men prefer the junior size. The bright yellow and black stripes also make it easy for coaches and yourself to see the positioning of the buoy and make sure it remains in the correct position. A big advantage of this pull buoy is that the non-slip foam is not squishy at all. You don’t have to use a ton of leg power to hold it between your legs. This helps neutralize your kicking motion and allows you to improve your body alignment during strokes while working on your arm and all upper-body strength.

Similar to most Pull Buoys, the biggest problem is that the adult buoy is usually too large for smaller swimmers. Once you find out which size fits you the best, you’ll love the improvements you see in your upper-body strength while swimming with the Finis pull buoy.




  • Stays put
  • Not squishy foam
  • Two sizes
  • Bright colors
  • Durable

  • Large size too big for small swimmers


  • This basic foam buoy helps develop upper body strength and proper alignment in the water during swim training
  • The buoy is held between the legs to neutralize kicking motion and increase upper body strength
  • Comes in two different styles for various leg sizes (Jr. = Ages 12 & under, Sr. = Ages 12+
  • Jr. = Ages 12 & under

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