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Getting the job done with a handheld vacuum is what you want. With the Dirt Devil AccuCharge you have a nifty solution. It has a charger base you plug the vacuum into for a full charge then once it’s fully charged it switches off automatically. it has energy saving in mind, but asl your needs because if the battery gets too low it will begin to charge again. Smart? I think so. With bag-less technology you can also save by not having to make any menial purchases for your vacuum. Obviously it’s even more awesome because of its red color, the Dirt Devil red color and its sleek design. A design that is sleek in looks and great for cleaning with, as it has a large end nozzle for cleaning large areas easily. The other fab fact about this, is that it even comes with a 3 year warranty. A good buy? I think so, do you?

  • AccuCharge Technology: Longer battery life, charges 2X faster, utilizes 70% less energy
  • Powerful 15.6 volts of suction power
  • Cordless rechargeable convenience
  • ENERGY STAR qualified battery charger
  • Quick Flip Crevice tool on board.

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