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Definitive Technology SC6000 Wireless Subwoofer

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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The Definitive Technology SC6000 wireless subwoofer is a highly technologically advanced subwoofer which produces for you a sound that belies its relatively small size. The 9” subwoofer driver is pressure coupled to two 10” ultra-low bass radiators. This gives it a piston area greater than that of a 14” woofer but with a much higher speed and control that you can find with the larger woofers.

The Definitive Technology SC6000 cabinet has been engineered to be vibration free and inert. With front and rear panels of nearly 2” in thickness and internal bracing the sound that the SC6000 gives you is resonance free. This ensures that what you have is a more faithful sound reproduction.

The subwoofer comes with rubber feet but the supplied spikes can be fitted to ensure that you can use the speaker if you have thick carpeting. The supplied remote control allows you to set the speaker to optimal output from the place where you want to listen from. This avoids the annoyance of going to the speaker, making an adjustment, returning to check the results and repeating and repeating. The frequency response from the SC6000 is a low as an incredible 14Hz to 200HZ.

Using the speaker with the optional wireless connectivity kit gives you greater scope in the positioning of your subwoofer without having to consider speaker cable routing. The SC6000 come with an impressive 5 years part and labor warranty.

This subwoofer gives you a great base sound in a compact package. A lot of thought has gone into the design to enable you to set up and listen in the easiest way possible. The 5 year warranty shows the faith the manufacturers have in their product. Well worth considering.

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