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If you want to veer away from the usual guide books on learning to crochet, but are still a beginner who needs simple projects and some guidance, you’ll love Crochet Boutique. This book teaches you how to crochet simple accessories such as bags and hats, which can be perfect gifts for your friends, or great additions to your own wardrobe. It will even teach you cool accessories you probably never thought of crocheting. The pictures in this book are beautiful, and they give you a great idea of what the project you’re working on will look like in the end. The best thing is that this book was written with a beginner in mind. So while you’re learning the beginning techniques of crochet, instead of making a coaster or pot holder, you can actually create something you’ll wear every day.


The only downfall of this book is that it is geared to the styles of young crocheters. A lot of the classic crochet designs are not in this book, so if that’s what you’re seeking in a beginner book, you may want to go with one of the many step-by-step guide books.


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