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The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter

A to Z of Crochet is an ideal book for anyone who wants to learn how to crochet. Even better, this book can stay on your table once you’ve mastered the beginning steps and advance to more difficult pieces. Learning to crochet can be confusing and difficult, so this book lays out the process for you in a step-by-step guide format. Not only does the author explain how to crochet in words, but the book is littered with over 1,000 photographs to help you along the way. The photos actually show someone’s hands holding the yarn as they crochet, so it’s as though you have a teacher right there in front of you demonstrating every step. Once you’ve advanced and know the basics, you can learn new patterns to broaden your skills. You’ll love that all of the questions you have about crocheting are answered in one, easy-to-read place.


If you’re a very quick learner, you may find that this book doesn’t show you quite enough project ideas, but for the average beginner, it is a must have.


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