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How to Choose a Contact Grill

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Do you really need a contact grill? Do you know what one is used for? Arriving here to read this guide; you probably already do know what they do and why you need one. Though, do you know what to look out for when buying a contact grill? There’s a few things to look out for:

Ribbed or Flat Grill

The surface for grilling food is usually flat or ribbed. Flat just means completely flat and with ripped it can wide spacing or tight spacing between the ribs. Ribbed is very good for making your food look pretty and is basically down to your preference. Personally, I find that ribbed cooks better than flat.


The grills come with different power. Some are high watt and some are low. Are you an energy efficient person? IF you care about the power it’s good to check he power rating so you can make your informed decision on what electric it will use.

Double or Single?

Some grills have two sides so you an use them separately for different functions. For example. on one side you may cook vegetables while on the other side you have burgers. Isn’t that handy, but is it what you need?

Grill Specific More Info

Some grills are made to be used for a certain purpose i.e. the grill may be recommended for cooking vegetables only, or meat only. Have a good look at the manufacturer’s specifications so you know the features and what they are used for.



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