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The Complete Needlepoint Guide by Susan Sturgeon-Roberts is the ideal guidebook for learning to needlepoint. With over 400 needlepoint stitches inside, you can guarantee that you’ll be an expert by the time you’re done using the book, and you may, in fact, never stop using it. The author guides you through each project step-by-step, so you can never get confused, and also offers over 500 illustrations and 600 black and white and color photos to help lead you along visually. The alphabetic organization of the stitches is handy for quick access when you’re working on a project and need guidance on how to do a particular stitch properly. The detailed tips on which stitches to use at certain times and the durability of each stitch take this book above and beyond what a lot of other beginner guide books offer.


The only problem with this book is that the black and white photos can be a little difficult to see, especially when compared to the color photos. The huge number of illustrations and photos seem to make up for the difficulty of the black and white ones.

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