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Believe it or not, there aren’t a ton of strictly needlepoint books on the market. The Complete Guide to Needlework is dedicated to learning all types of needlework, such as embroidery, patchwork and a number of others, but it does focus a ton on needlepoint. Don’t feel like you’ll be missing out on needlepoint instruction because the book covers so many other topics, because this book is actually pretty huge, and ever page is jam-packed with information. If you’re interested in branching beyond needlepoint, all of the other crafts included in the book are just an added bonus. It’s set up in a how-to format and explains everything from the tools you’ll need all the way to mounting your work when finished.


If you’re looking for a book that is strictly on needlepoint, you may be disappointed in how much this book includes, but most readers appreciate that they can refer to this book from their beginning stages of needlepoint to when they are an expert, and also reference other crafts as well.

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