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Runner Up: Best Salon Shampoo

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Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday shampoo is so-named to suggest that it should only be used once a week. This is a harsh shampoo. It contains sulfates, which are the enemy of color treated hair. The reason shampoos like this exist is because many people overdo it with conditioners, mousses, hairsprays and other hair products. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week gets rid of the residue other products leave behind. Sunday shampoo can be used before a coloring, but never after one. If you color your hair it should only be used the day before you color and not once a week.

The shampoo itself is a translucent blue and has no fragrance. It lathers well and rinses clean. It contains astringents for the scalp, and you can feel it. The cost of a bottle may seem high, but since it’s not an everyday shampoo it’s not really expensive in the long run.




  • Intense cleansing and removal of build-up
  • Cost effective

  • High price tag
  • Can’t be used weekly on color-treated hair


  • One 8-ounce bottle of hair shampoo
  • Formulated to restore fullness and sheen by removing build-up
  • Perfect for product junkies or infrequent washers whose hair needs extra deep-cleaning once in awhile
  • Works as an excellent preparatory cleanser for chemical processes like coloring and perming
  • Serves as a weekly detox to banish product build-up, hard water residue, and pollutants

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