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This book is just what the title infers. And to a lot of readers interested in Buddhism, that’s exactly what they want. Author and Zen teacher Steve Hagen introduces you to Buddhism in terms that you can understand. Don’t be fooled, simple does not mean that there’s not a lot of information in this book. Hagen throws tons of information at you, but helps you understand it through storytelling and vivid examples that you can relate to your life, not just Buddha’s. Throughout the book, Hagen walks you through the teachings of Buddha, but also explains how seeing world in this different perspective can drastically change your life. What you’ll really like about this book, is that it’s an easy-to-read introduction to the religion you will probably love after reading. You’ll have a very broad perspective and will even know some meditation techniques to practice immediately.

If you’re already a Buddhist or are beyond the learning stages of the religion, you may want a more advanced book. But chances are, you’ll still love Hagen’s guide as well.


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