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If you’re more interested in a high-end mixer or are even a professional baker or chef, you should seriously consider the Breville BHM500XL Handy Mix Digital Hand Mixer. It has all the features you want and more for an expensive, but not outrageous, price. This blender has an unbelievable 16 different speeds from light mixing to high-speed. It also has features a true chef will really appreciate like a backlit LCD display with a timer, so you don’t even have to time your mixing on your own. It has a powerful 200 Watt beater that comes with additional flat beaters, a wire whisk and two dough hooks. The two dough hooks show that this blender is truly made for the serious baker who is using a mixer for the thickest doughs on a daily basis. It even comes in a number of colors to match your kitchen and stands up cleanly on one end, so you can leave it out on the counter without your kitchen looking cluttered.

If you don’t want to pay a high price or don’t use a mixer for tough doughs, this mixer may not be worth the high price to you. For those who need a mixer that will remain durable for all kinds of foods and doughs, this is a strong and reliable mixer that will even time your mixes for you. The added features are certainly perks for an everyday cook, but if that’s not you, you may want to choose a cheaper buy.




  • 16 different speeds
  • LCD display
  • Mixing timer
  • 200 Watt beater
  • Attachments included
  • Multiple colors
  • Easy storage

  • Expensive


  • 16 speeds for light mixing to high speed whipping
  • Backlit lcd with timer function
  • Non tip heel rest
  • 200-Watt Twin Beater Action
  • Includes two flat beaters, one wire whisk, and two dough hook attachments

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