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Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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If you read non-fiction you probably devour quite a lot of books. If like me you like to skip the fluffy bits and get straight to the meat and potatoes then you will have wanted a solution to doing this faster. For me I always imagined bite-size books but never really looked around for them. Instead I resorted a lot to mindmaps. Yet once I discovered  the Blinkist app that aims to cancel these wasted moments when reading books I found downsizing a book to bite-size is what it does – very well. An action probably not to everyone’s taste but for me it’s just perfect. I was able to devour three books and gain insightful knowledge in just 1 day. I didn’t need to skip a page or chapters. This was a great experience and a first for me in terms of a company creating bite-size formats of books for me to read.

Inside the app you’ll find that the book selection is still small but will be growing. You get a 30 day free trial to begin with. It works by choosing a book then it breaks it up into 15 minutes of reading or less. They’re like mini chapters digesting the most important insights from the book. They have a web application and mobile apps. My personal preference is the mobile apps are more favorable in how they are presented and the features. The web application being quite a bit different in layout yet still great.

If you like non-fiction and would love to see a growing library of bite-size books then Blinkist are the people who can do it. Subscribing to them is probably the meat and potatoes of their ability to acquire more titles. So sign up and enjoy the wonderful reading to be had with the Blinkist app.

To sum it up I’d say:

It’s a non-fiction reader’s heart throb. Totally worth a second, third and marriage date.




  • Cross platform
  • Creates bite-size non-fiction books
  • Quickly learn key facts from books

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