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BISSELL 84G9 Upright Vacuum

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The Bissel 84G9 has definitely been constructed with power in mind, but that doesn’t mean its design isn’t just as impressive. Coming in a modern teal color, the transparent construction of this unit allows you to see exactly when the dust bin filled up and needs to be emptied, all while the included attachments can be easily stored right on-board. Speaking of attachments, this unit comes with a standard crevice tool for all those tight areas and corners, a turbo dusting brush for all your delicate surfaces and an upholstery tool for cleaning the furniture with ease.

This machine’s power comes from a 12-amp motor and a Helix system, which ensures permanent always-on suction and extended filter life thanks to the dirt separation mechanism. A HEPA Media filter is also on-board for the best protection against allergens and irritants, and a dual-edge cleaning technology ensures that the wide nozzle is put to great use. Cleaning multiple rooms at a time shouldn’t be a problem either, and that’s thanks to the 25-foot power cord which can be rewind automatically with a simple button push. Finally, the affordable price recommends this unit for all your house cleaning needs.

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  • Continuous suction – the helix system protects the motor while extending filter life for longer lasting performance
  • Helix dirt separation system – captures dirt and debris while extending filter life for long lasting performance
  • Dual edge cleaning – provides surround suction to clean hard to reach places like baseboards and around furniture
  • Automatic cord rewind – easy and convenient storage of the 25-foot power cord
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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How to Choose a Vacuum

Choices; they aren't always easy. Informed choices are. In the case of buying a vacuum there can be jargon to hop skip and jump over. As there are many vacuums to choose from but also many features. That's where this quick guide comes into play. Learn some of the common factors of vacuums so you can make an informed choice.


Power (in watts) is kind of a big deal when it comes to vacuums. If you don't have the right power for the job then it's not worth doing. Vacuums come with many power ranges. Some vacuums that don't have much power are still great while others aren't. Look out for the strength of the power behind that vacuum if you want to be sure it'll suck all that dirt up.

Upright or Cylinder

From a personal perspective upright is the better choice generally. The issue is upright vacuums are usually awkward when it comes to hard-to-reach areas. They do come with attachments usually, but the reach just isn't there as it is with cylinder vacuums  In essence  a cylinder vacuums is generally more versatile when it comes to nooks and crannies. Choose wisely, it could be a big regret.

Bag or Bagless?

Do you want to empty your vacuum regularly and not replace the bag? It's a huge money saver to not have a bagged vacuum  The better option usually being bagless. It's down to personal preference here, and probably again, maneuverability when it comes to the emptying process.

Filters (Allergies?)

A vacuum with a suitable filter can go a long way in any case. Though if you have an allergy, a filter will go an even longer way. There's a range of common filters to choose from, that each have their own advantages, either value for money or more allergy suitable:

Standard Filtration

Nothing out of the ordinary here, just a standard filter that will need replacing every now and then.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)

This is actually a bit of a mouthful to say, never mind understand. All you really need to know about HEPA filters is that they are becoming industry standard, and claim to capture 99.7% of all particles taken in by the vacuum. Meaning that the air outflow is cleaner and especially cleaner for those with allergies.

Lifetime Filters

They say nothing lasts a lifetime, but have you ever owned one of those old Nokia phones? Lifetime filters come in both standard and HEPA, and can save on having to buy replacements which is great for saving money.

Size and Weight

Does size matter? Yes it does. When shopping be careful to check the dimensions of a product. Is it suitable for your storage? Suitable to carry? Will it be a big struggle or the perfect size for your needs? Speaking of size, there are vacuums that come as handhelds for small tasks; usually great for cleaning up after pets or that mess you leave after your artistic creations.

Wet, Dry & Steam

Depending on the surface; you may look into a wet, dry or steam powered vacuum. Check suitability of the surface for the vacuum you purchase  you may find that dry is better than steam or wet is better than both.


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