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Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder Volumizing Hairspray works wonders on oily hair. It has a dry formula which will keep your hair from look greasy all through the day. It has a strong hold and provides volume and body for curly and wavy hair styles, but isn’t so good for straight styles. It even adds volume to the finest of hair. Although the hold is strong, your hair will remain flexible and won’t look still or unnatural. This hairspray also protects against UV rays, which will help keep your colour fresh for longer if you dye your hair, especially if you live in a sunny climate.




  • Adds volume to fine hair
  • Strong, Long-lasting hold
  • Protects hair against UV damage
  • Keeps frizz away in humid weather

  • May be unsuitable for straight styles
  • Not good if you only want light hold


  • Sexy Hair Big Sexy Spray & Play Harder is a firm volumizing hair spray that delivers extreme control.
  • Gives hair extra shine.

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