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Best Laptops for Video Editing

As an avid computer user and a person with knowledge on computing I am able to recommend a laptop for video editing based on fact. However, while making this recommendation I want to notify you that there are so many options for video editing that I cannot possibly have picked the best 5 out of them all but the best 5 I have seen and was able to choose from. After careful consideration and having a few video editing friends I came to the conclusion that there is a certain OS video editors are now using and that is the Mac OS. So they’ll take the top spots while further down you’ll find the Windows options I have chosen.

1. Macbook Pro

Apple have successfully won the hearts of even the general computer user but even more so when it come sot those that are in the video editing industry. It seems their ever so successful software for video editing is just incomparable to other options out there. I have many friends who stand by their Macbook all because of that video editing software. They just want to use it and nothing more.

So it will take top of the list based on the personal opinions of friends and with much research through forums, blogs, social networks and so forth. If you have the money it might be worth your time to considering buying a Macbook Pro for your video editing needs. However, it is the most expensive Apple laptop so it may take careful consideration depending on your budget.

2. Macbook Air

Much like the first choice this is chosen for the same reasons and that is because of the available popular video editing software and its high praises from the video editing community. So if you want another price option for the Apple choice then this is it. Then there is also other laptops from Apple you can buy that will run the software but of them all these two are the only two I would consider purchasing. Even though I’m a Windows fan through and through I couldn’t not give these tow the tops spot because they deserve it. So it’s up to you whether you want Apple or not or the next three are all going to be the Windows options.

A note about using Macs for video editing: If you decide to use a Mac as your solution it will be much more costly to upgrade your computer as compared with a Windows solution because internal parts for Macs are expensive. For example, RAM is a lot more expensive for Mac than it is Windows and also Macs don’t come ‘as purchased’ with anywhere near as much RAM as you will get with a similar priced Windows laptop.

3. Asus N55Sf-DH71

When it comes to video editing you need power and consistent power from your computing solution. This can be done expensively or inexpensively but in my opinion if you’re serious about making it as a video editor then you should invest accordingly. This laptop I have picked for its sheer power, it is packed full of powerful microchips. Starting out with your 2Ghz dual core processor, a mega powerful graphics card and a 750GB internal hard drive to play with. I spotted this one online here and couldn’t resist adding it to this list. Though, I will say you can choose this one and I would support that idea, it’s also the specification you should be looking at so you can gauge what kind of laptop you should buy, even if it’s not this exact one.


4. Samsung NP700Z3A-S05US

Samsung are a brand you’ve heard of and you’ve probably already had a good experience with. For this laptop you get all the RAM you will need to get started with video editing and to advance your skills to an advanced level without worrying. It also comes with an impressive 2.4Ghz duo core processor and a large hard drive to keep all your data. Which is especially useful for saving all your video editing materials. I chose this mainly because of its specs but because I have soft spot for Samsung I was always going to include at least one Samsung laptop for you to choose from.

5. Build Your Own

Just because video editing is serious business and may require a specially built laptop I decided it best to give this as an option. You’ll only do this if you’re really serious about video editing and you’ll find many experts online willing to guide you in how to do this.

In my opinion if I was an expert video editor and I was going to get a laptop for the job I would want to build my own rather than look for the laptop among the thousands of others to choose from. I only know this is a good idea thanks to a lot of research so if you decide on this option do use Google a lot to ensure you have made the right choice and that you end up with the right laptop for your needs.

In conclusion it’s hard to direct you to a specific laptop for video editing but looking at the ones I have suggested above (and their specs) will give you a great idea on what you should be looking for and then you can also decide to build your own. Which will be an exciting prospect for the techie in you.

As a knowledgeable buyer of tech and especially computers I find it easy. For you it may be different and I want you to buy the best laptop for you. I know you will have your own knowledge and wants, and they’re great but don’t leave out these key elements below. As you need to get a laptop with the right power to do it right first time and ensure you make the right buying decision.

Processor & Processor Speed

New processors have evolved and they keep evolving, but they are complicated if you want to understand. So here’s the rule about processors  Check i’s more than compatible with software and tools you will be using. You don’t want to buy a laptop and find that it’s sluggish at getting the job done.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Without getting overly technical and flooding you with stats, I will just say that the higher this is the better. Of course take that with a pinch of salt because not everything that’s got more turns out to better. Essentially you want to get a laptop that’s got plenty of RAM because video editing uses lots of RAM. If your software recommends 2GB or 4Gb then I’d opt for twice what they state. This way you’ve got plenty of ram to keep your device running smoothly.

Hard Drive Size

Videos take up lots of space on your computer so you need a large hard drive. Though, having one internal isn’t so important. But to have a big hard drive built in is a good idea, even if you don’t store everything there or fill it.

USB & Memory Card Ports

Go for a solution with fast USB ports and ports for fast data transfer rates. Also as you’ll be working with graphics a lot, stored on many different external devices. You will want to have an array of ports to work with.

Screen Quality

Here’s something you’ll be looking at all day. Your screen. Having a great screen quality will help you to judge the quality of your edited videos. You can eliminate a page expense for this by getting a laptop with external video. So you can hook it up to any other screens you may have available.



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