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Best Scuba Diving Masks

Making a choice in getting the best scuba mask is not an easy task. With there being so many diving masks in the market, you will need to make an informed decision. Consumer watch has shown that many divers prefer the scuba diving masks that have advantages in either features or popularity among other divers. Top ratings for different kind of masks by consumers show that the best models are good for diving and also snorkelling.

1. Atomic Scuba Mask

The Atomic model is a clear black silicone adjustable Scuba diving mask. It is considered as low volume offering a high vision magnitude. This particular model is rated highly among users for having no leaks. It has a duo lens design and is very durable. They are considered to be the most comfortable and have high quality lens. They are also light in weight and many users say that unlike the many times they have to adjust when using other models; they hardly do the same when using this model. Its durability is also one feature that gives it high ratings. Having a frameless design, the diver is able to receive a wide view. It also comes with adjust buckles that are easy squeeze.

2. Tusa Visualator

This model of scuba diving mask is also low in volume and has an oversize single lens that highly increases the vision range. The mask is fitted with a strap adjuster that will allow many users of different face sizes. The distance between the lens and the eyes has been slightly reduced thereby improving the vision. This has made it have a high preference among the users.

3. Scubapro Scuba Mask

Scapapro Model has diverse features that allow you to get the benefit of screen clearing as well as equalization. It also has a single lens with adjustable strap to allow multiple size usage. They are comfortable and good for recreational diving. Some of the visible features include a side window design giving it a panoramic vision field, easy clearing of mask due to the purge in the skirt, silicone skirt that is double sealed, glass lens that allows for visual clarity and easy fit buckles.

4. Cressi Scuba Mask

The Cressi Model is also known as the big eye mask. One of the rare features of this model is that it has lenses that are less parallel to the face but they have an inverted drop that allows greater vision. It has a downward directional view of about 30 degrees. Therefore the field of vision is widened. When you have this model of scuba mask you will not have the fear of leaks. This is because the mask is fitted with a double seal. The protective storage box gives it the desired plus for portability and convenience.

5. Mares Scuba Mask

Mares create high quality affordable Scuba diving masks which are popular among many divers. You will find they have a wide range of masks to ffer, ranging from framed to frameless. Overall choosing a Mres mask will give you the option of affordability without compromising on quality.


When in need of diving masks, the above illustrated models will certainly give you good quality in return for your cash. The best Scuba diving masks come with a guarantee for comfort, convenience and proven safety.

What to Look Out For When Buying?

In order to buy a great scuba mask you need to look out for certain aspects and of course a reputable brand is usually a good place to start but what else would you look out for?

Lens Type

Having a good bran will mean the lens is of good quality but there are different types of lens. Choosing between lens is much a matter of preference or can even be more than that but do your due research on lenses before making a buying decision.


Frames are the part around the lens that hold the mask together and can also be made from different material. Taking into account the material you prefer or choosing more durable materials will be appropriate for choosing a mask.

Skirt Material

The material around the skirt is for comfort when wearing the mask. Material is usually silicone but can differentiate in some circumstances. This material is built for comfort so finding one that is most comfortable is a wise idea.

Lens Size

The lens size will decide on what kind of view the mask will give you. A wide-view lens would be most appropriate but in specialized circumstances you may not use a wide-view mask. Decide what size of lens you have before hunting your purchase. As a mask that provides a field of vision is also top of the list when buying a scuba diving mask.

About Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a scuba set to breathe underwater.[1]

Unlike earlier diving, which relied either on breath-hold or on air pumped from the surface, scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, (usuallycompressed air),[2] allowing them greater freedom of movement than with an air line. Both surface supplied and scuba diving allow divers to stay underwater significantly longer than with breath-holding techniques as used in free-diving.

A scuba diver usually moves around underwater by using swimfins attached to the feet, but external propulsion can be provided by a diver propulsion vehicle, or a sled pulled from the surface.

Source: Scuba Diving Wikipedia.


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