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Top 5 Best ‘Mr. Coffee’ Makers

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Mr Coffee brand was created in 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio. During the same year, they have created the first automatic-drip coffee maker for home use, and just three years later they were already the best-selling brand in the US. But with so many of their models on the market it can be quite hard to decide which one best suits you. Here is a list of the top 5 Mr Coffee Makers in order to facilitate your search:

1. Mr. Coffee DRX23 12-Cup Coffeemaker

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This is the best coffee maker for big families, since it can prepare up to 12 coffee cups in one cycle. It also features inventive features such as the Delay Brew which offers you a cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning, at the time you choose. The Pause’n'Serve capability is great for those who hate waiting because it enables you to serve a cup while the coffee maker still brews the remaining...

3. Mr. Coffee TF5 4-Cup Coffeemaker

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This smaller coffee maker is perfect for apartment and office. It can prepare up to 4 cups in a cycle, but it does that at an impressive speed. You will have to wait for maximum five minutes in order to serve the freshly brewed coffee. It also features the pause’n'serve feature, as well as removable filters for easy filling and cleaning, but what’s really impressive is the retail price, approx $20 and this coffee...

4. Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Coffee Maker

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This is one of the most popular models on market right now, and most can see why. With features like an ergonomic self-cooling handle, brew-pause and up to 24h programming, this is the ideal coffee machine for small apartments. An on/off indicator, stain resistant warming plate and drip-free spout are also included for extra comfort. Holding a 1-year limited warranty for only 20$ retail price, this might be the deal you were looking for.
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