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I remember I seen a handheld vacuum for the first time. I was just a kid, and I thought it amazing. I used it quite a lot, much to the dismay of my mom. Then came the day I had to buy my own. Which one would I buy? Well, I always decide based on quality, popularity and brand so eventually I came to my decision and it’s been in action for years now. I looked for the best quality, most powerful and reputable brand to ensure I was getting value. Later down the listings you’ll hear what I chose and why but for now here I am to help you find your handheld vacuum cleaner. Whether that’s cheap, great quality or the brand you want, you should find it in this list of 5:

Deal of the Week

1. Eureka Handheld Vacuum 71B

Let’s just say I know you want power and quality and if I’m right then it’s a Eureka moment. Eureka have made this very high quality and popular vacuum that I think is really awesome. If only mine would break down I’d also consider this one. Read full review.

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 Dirt Devil Extreme Power handheld vacuum2. Dirt Devil Extreme Power

Remember I told you I first seen one of these when I was a kid? Yes, it was a Dirt Devil. Probably not as supreme as this one because this one packs power and is modern. If you want power & quality in handheld vacuums you will discover Dirt Devil hold these qualities. Read full review.

Buy it at: Amazon.com

3. Black & Decker Dirtbuster Cyclonic Hand Vacuum

Yes you guessed it. Dirt Decker make the list of the best and in particular this model for its cyclonic feature which helps with giving power without loss of suction. Its nozzle also gives reach capabilities for those hard to reach areas. It really is a nifty handheld vacuum and one that should be considered for how it looks. Read full review.

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4. Black & Decker Pivot Vac

Did you say pivot? Pivot vacuums are popular for how easily used they are and could you imagine and even easier to use handheld? I know I can and it sounds awesome. With also being cordless and having two speeds to work with you have the option of power, or being quieter. Read full review.

Buy it at: Amazon.com

5. Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip

Claims to pick up what others leave behind and if you check it out you will find it’s very powerful. The Quick Flip features means you can change to the tight spaces cleaner really quickly. Isn’t that great? I think it’s a really good idea for how handhelds should be made and the power, quality and brand behind it make it awesome. Read full review.

Buy it at: Amazon.com

What to Look for When Buying a Handheld Vac?

The main key to a successful purchase is finding exactly what you want. Everyone will already have a rough idea. Some will meticulously choose, and others aren’t quite sure. This quick tips guide for buying the right one will help you.

 Size and Weight

The size of your handheld vacuum is what your main reason for buying one probably is. So it’s important to check the dimensions of the vacuums to see if it’ll fit into those nooks. The weight could also be important depending on who will be using it, if you’ve got trouble with your wrists or hands, then getting a very light vacuum could be a must.

 Cord or Cordless & Runtime

Some handheld vacuums aren’t cordless so if you’re not careful when buying online you could buy a corded one. Read the product features and description to check for this. The runtime is also important for cordless versions, as some run long than others.

 Dust Container

If you want to vacuum a large area without having to empty it, you might want to look for a larger dust container size. The bigger the better they sometimes say.

Available Attachments

This ties in with the size but if you an find the perfect nozzle attachment you can sometimes forgive the overall size of the vacuum. Take into account that some come with attachments to help get the job done.

About Handheld Vacuums

Lightweight hand-held vacuum cleaners, either powered from rechargeable batteries or mains power, are also popular for cleaning up smaller spills. Frequently seen examples include the Black & Decker DustBuster, introduced in 1979, and the various hand-held models from Dirt Devil, first introduced in 1984. Some battery-powered handheld vacuums are wet/dry rated; the appliance must be partially disassembled and cleaned after picking up wet materials, to avoid developing unpleasant odors.

Source: Vacuums on Wikipedia.


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