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Awakening the Buddha Within: Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World presents an interesting perspective on Buddhism by America’s praised and highest trained Lama, Lama Surya Das. Surya Das presents Western Buddhism to spiritual seekers of the modern age. As opposed to dwelling on the history of the religion, the author focuses on you changing your mindset to live a more enlightened and fulfilling life for yourself and others. He doesn’t leave you completely high and dry on learning the history of the religion, because she guides you through the Noble Eight-Fold Path and Three Enlightenment Trainings. You’ll really enjoy the unique way Surya Das explains Buddhism and it’s teachings to appeal to you right now, in a modern style.

If you’re a reader who likes an encyclopedic way of writing that is straight to the point and focuses a lot on facts and history, you won’t enjoy the way Buddhism is presented in this book. If you’re seeking a better understanding of the religion and truly want to integrate the teachings into your life, you’ll certainly be changed by this work.

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