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Runner Up: Best Salon Shampoo

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Aveda Shampure is a gentle cleansing shampoo suitable for all hair types. It contains 25 plant extracts including lavender, coconut, wheat germ and aloe. The oddest thing in its ingredient list is Morikue, a name that Aveda has trademarked. Morikue is an extract of the Peruvian Brazil nut.

Because of its natural properties and suitability for all hair types, Shampure makes a good family shampoo. The problem with Shampure is that it simply doesn’t do anything special. Anyone with dry hair or chemically treated hair is probably going to need other specialty products in addition to Shampure. It is somewhat like a baby shampoo that offers gentle and thorough cleansing, but allows the problems with an individual’s hair remain, such as frizz or split ends. The price is at the lower end of higher-priced shampoos, but considering the lack of benefits for problem hair, it’s not really worth the cost.




  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Natural ingredients

  • Less than spectacular results for problem hair


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