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Aroma ARC-150SB Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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Runner Up: Best Rice Cooker

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A lot of the time Rice Cookers have dual functionality and won’t just serve the purpose of cooking rice. A lot of manufacturers stick to the creation of multi-purpose rice cookers. Aroma housewares are a company who have been creating small appliances to enhance people’s lives and their rice cooker is a hit among many.

The size of the cooker is suitable for groups of 2 people and up-wards or 2 large portions as it can cook up to 10 cups uncooked rice but a minimum of 2. That’s a lot of rice and capable of feeding up to 10 people or more. Cooking just two cups you will have enough to serve 1-2 people.

They make it easy to cook two different types of rice by offering settings for white rice and brown rice. If you wanted to cook other types of rice you could compare their cooking times to that of white or brown rice to see if either setting is suitable. If not then it’s probably not so suitable for that type of rice you wish to cook.

It’s so easy to program all the setting using the digital controls which have an LCD display.The controls allow you to choose the cook setting which is for cooking rice, steaming vegetables, steaming meat and even one-pot meals. If you wanted something to cook later and be ready t a later time you can delay the cooking for up to 15 hours, which means you could literally go to sleep and wake up to freshly cooked food.

It’s a sure-fire thing that this cooker is loved by many. It’s easy to use, cooks great rice, steams vegetables and meat properly and is easy to clean after-wards with dishwasher safe parts. Some extra accessories are useful including a measuring cup, steam tray and serving spatula. It’s the mid-range priced rice cooker that’s worth a second look.

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  • Easy to use digital display
  • Easily cook brown and white rice
  • Accessories included (spatula, measuring cup, steam tray)
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooker only (not a reheating device)
  • Lid is harder to clean


  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice and automatically keeps it warm for hours
  • Easy-to-use digital controls for white rice, brown rice, programmable steam and keep-warm
  • Steams meat and vegetables while simultaneously cooking rice for healthy, one-pot meals
  • 15-hour delay timer is perfect for flexible meal planning
  • Nonstick inner cooking pot removes for quick cleanup in the dishwasher

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