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One of the best dive masks on the market is the Aqua Lung Mythos. It’s a small mask with a huge amount of visibility because of its low profile, snug fitting design. This mask is incredibly lightweight and is made from hypo-allergenic high grade silicone that’s designed to fit a broad range of faces. Like most top-quality masks, the lens is made from tempered glass, but what makes this mask even better is the angled lens that provides unmatched viewing in all directions. With a panoramic lens, you often think of side-to-side views, but the upward and downward views visible through this mask are excellent.

The most important part of buying such a low-profile panoramic mask is to try on the mask in a store if possible before buying. This mask fits very close to the face, so if you have large facial features, you’ll want to make sure it fits comfortably before buying. While a mask can fit a lot of faces, the downfall of such a tight-fitting mask is that it doesn’t fit all.




  • Tempered glass lens
  • Low profile
  • Huge visibility in all directions
  • Hypo-allergenic silicone

  • Doesn’t fit every face


  • Lightweight, low-profile frame produces an extremely low volume mask with unprecedented field of vision in all directions
  • Angled lens for incredible downward view and low-profile upper frame increases upward view
  • Unique open-frame design allows plenty of light to enter
  • Hypo-allergenic high grade silicone skirt fits a wide variety of faces
  • Quick action buckles simplify strap adjustments
  • Tempered glass lens

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