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Runner Up: Best Pull Buoy

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The Aqua Sphere pull buoy is a very affordable and reliable pull buoy with a little different shape that many swimmers prefer to the other one-piece pull buoys. It has a more boxy look, with one side bigger than the other, to help with added comfort and even more lift to hold your legs higher in the water. Unlike most pull buoys, it comes with a two year warranty, that allows you to feel more confident purchasing it, especially if you’re unsure about the boxy, lop-sided shape. There’s no doubt you’ll love how durable this pull buoy is, made from closed cell foam that won’t become waterlogged or saturated even after hours or days of use in a row.

If you like the shape of traditional pull buoys or pull buoys connected by ropes, you may not like the different design of this buoy. It is an extremely well-constructed buoy, but the foam does tend to nick and scratch when in your swim bag with other items. While these nicks don’t affect the way the buoy performs and don’t cause it to hold water, they do make the buoy look a lot more used than it really is.




  • Two different size sides
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • New innovative design

  • New design not for everyone
  • Scratches show on foam


  • Isolates the arms for inproved power and form
  • Maximizes upper body workout by immobilizing the legs
  • Two-year limited warranty

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