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It’s a 10 products have become known for their top-quality beauty results. The It’s a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin actually exceeds customers’ high expectations. This conditioner not only smoothes and detangles your hair, it is also enriched with Keratin protein that leaves your hair moisturized even when the conditioner is gone. One of the greatest perks of this conditioner is that it doesn’t just make your hair feel better, it actually restores your hair’s health at the same time. If you dye your hair, you’ll be happy that this deep conditioner actually protects the color, so it lasts longer. For a conditioner that has this many perks, it’s actually very moderately priced, so it won’t completely break the bank to buy it as often as you need.

The only downfall you may not enjoy about this conditioner is that it comes in a very small container – only 5 ounces. If you’ve got a lot of hair, you may want to seek a conditioner in a bigger bottle.




  • Smoothes and detangles
  • Restores health
  • Protects color
  • Keratin proteins
  • Moderate price

  • Small bottle


  • Keratin portein enriched, deeply moisturizes
  • Superior penetration, smoothes, detangles
  • Restores elasticity and strength, protects color

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